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dimanche 19 février 2012

Durcet is a little village located north west of France in Normandy

Durcet is a little village located north west of France in Normandy.

 The town of Durcet is located in the department of Orne of the french region Basse-Normandie. The town of Durcet is located in the township of Athis-de-l'Orne part of the district of Argentan. The area code for Durcet is 61148 (also known as code INSEE). The zip code of the town of Durcet is 61100.

Geography and map of Durcet :

The altitude of the city hall of Durcet is approximately 260 meters. The surface of Durcet is 9.54 km ². The latitude of Durcet is 48.748 degrees North and the longitude of Durcet is 0.437 degrees West. Nearby cities and towns of Durcet are : Sainte-Opportune (61)  at 1.58 km, Landigou (61)  at 2.44 km, Les Tourailles (61)  at 3.08 km, La Carneille (61)  at 3.38 km, (The distances to these nearby towns of Durcet are calculated as the crow flies)

Population and housing of Durcet :

The population of Durcet was 198 in 1999, 236 in 2006 and 240 in 2007. The population density of Durcet is 25.16 inhabitants per km². The number of housing of Durcet was 110 in 2007. These homes of Durcet consist of 97 main residences, 11 second or occasional homes and 2 vacant homes.

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